"The World's Easiest Blackjack Variation!"


Easy Jack™ is the World’s easiest Blackjack variation. The goal of Easy Jack™ is to get closer to 11 than the Dealer, without going over (instead of 21). Everybody starts with only one card (instead of 2). Picture cards are worth 10, Aces are worth 1 or 11.

Players receive one card face up, the Dealer receives one card face down. Players can “Stay” with the total they are dealt, or “Hit” additional card(s) to get closer to 11. After all Players have acted, the Dealer will show their starting card. If the Dealer’s total is 7 or more they will “Stay”. If the Dealer’s total is 6 or less they will “Hit” additional card(s) until they have a total of 7 or more.

Going over 11 is a “Bust”, just like going over 21 in Blackjack. If a Player “Busts” they lose immediately. If the Dealer “Busts” all Payers that have not gone over 11 win.

In Easy Jack™, being dealt an Ace as your starting card, referred to as a “Natural 11™”, is like being dealt 21 with your first two cards in Blackjack. If a Player is dealt a “Natural 11™” they are paid 6 to 5 before the Dealer shows their starting card.

If the Dealer is dealt a “Natural 11™” all Players who we’re not dealt a “Natural 11™” lose, including Player hands totaling 11 using two or more cards. Players who are dealt a “Natural 11™” are paid 6 to 5 immediately.

Players who bet the Dealer Bust™ side bet are paid for how many cards the dealer draws to bust.




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